Some Tips on Cartier Jewelry

For some deep love our Cartier jewelry fashion woman's requirement, we will regularly tell the consumers how to maintain and care for their jewelry. For some jewelry due to the different material have different character, therefore, there are some special requirements in terms of maintenance and matters needing attention.

First, for the Cartier amethyst jewelry and jade jewelry. The color of amethyst is not stable, high temperature or long time sunlight exposure can cause fade. We should avoid high temperature and sunlight exposure when wearing or collecting. Although the jade jewelry has strong toughness and a certain impact resistant ability. But the jade products are relatively thin after processing and easy to break.

Second, the hardness of Cartier emerald jewelry is slightly greater than the jade, but the jade is brittle, so emerald is easy to break and crisp. In addition, emerald is afraid of heat, which will make color fade when it encounter the fire and easy cracking at high temperatures.

Besides, Cartier ruby stone and diamond are hard and can withstand greater pressure, but they have a common drawback, which is brittleness, so these gems can not break and hit, or they will brittle and break. or because of cleavage and along the direction of cleavage crack and even broken. Remember, even if the great hardness diamond, which also can not stand the strike.

At last,replica cartier love bracelet. Pearls and coral hardness has lower hardness and easy to lose luster because of the friction. Both elements are calcium carbonate, will suffer corrosion dissolved in acid. Summer is easy to sweat, which also can make the surface of the pearl, coral damage and lose the original luster. So it had better not wear this kind of jewelry in summer. If the perspiration stained the jewelry, you can rinse in clean water and wipe gently with soft fabrics again. It be sure to pass water rinse before collecting pearl jewelry and must avoid cosmetics. We should pay attention to these in the process of wearing and collecting.