Cartier tank watch classic

Cartier tank watches

Watch is a very attractive, almost everyone will have a watch. Watch allows us to be more attractive. On different occasions to wear a different watch, represent different meanings. My favorite is the Cartier tank watch. The elegant shape is my favorite cause.
1911 officially come out of the Tank watch was born in a celebration of speed and endurance, daring and precision, beauty and tight combination of age. Tank table architecture, design and parts not only in the year ahead of their peers, but also with the times, even today; in combination with the remainder of the avant-garde taste excellent design, but also continued to respond to new technological challenges. Cartier Tank have become classics, because its existence is not limited to only one atmosphere or age; conversely, Tank watch in the past century it has undergone continuous change career history and culture, alternating in this century, but also the thousands turn of the Jubilee, which on the one hand and moving unscathed its radiance, because almost no changing times and have had major changes; on the other hand it is also in response to a variety of different style of the times, both adhere to the basic geometric aesthetic concept elements, but also continue to develop the design and development of a wide variety, each with different personalities of the table, while While Tank à Vis Jumping Hour Collection Privée Cartier Paris (Cartier Ya Bali private collection of classic series) jump calendar watch is the leader among .

On the exterior, there are four exposed “screw” decorated While 28 × 40 mm screw tank Tank à Vis square bezel watches, hence the name. In addition, the direction of the face plate 12 is equipped with a time-hopping window (left digit increase), 6:00 Date jump direction (to the right number increases, the bottom two rows, the ten digits, down to the single digits), complete break through the traditional design, of course, is that when one of the most distinctive curved window jump, with upright figures, particularly elegant. Included in the movement, since the membership of the highest order Cartier Paris classic series (Collection Privée Cartier Paris), each watch is not only limited production, to ensure that no more than four hundred, and are equipped with the most exquisite brand mechanical movement, After the most meticulous hand-polished and decorated: each one deck movement is not only the double C logo and Geneva wave treatment; its balance wheel also Glucydur alloy material; all the panels are made of 18 K gold, not only do Cartier essence of design graphics, but centuries of traditional watchmaking full show.

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