Cartier watches good qualities create a miracle to watch

Cartier “watches and wonders” show gathered over more than 10, including the Cartier Haute Horlogerie brand by virtue of in the field of watch-making technology and impressive success, Cartier will be one focus of the exhibition’s most closely watched.

cartier tank watches

From the most ancient of the 1860, by the late 1990 ‘s, these works not onlywitnessed the Cartier‘s 165year history and, more generally, is also thehistory of decorative arts since the late 19th century

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Cartier Watches Master craft series with rare and traditional crafts,presents unmatched ingenuity and Haute Horlogerie collection a sophisticatedmechanical structure, shows master amazing creativity and talent fortechnology. These super stylish timepiece products, demonstrates the tab stop that Cartier has a long rich history, unparalleled expertise, andinnovative watchmaking concepts.

Cartier Calibre Watch multiple time zones the watch business watch

Cartier 9909 MC calibre solely by Cartier in workshops to develop andmanufacture, is Cartier Haute Horlogerie series first with multi zonefunction of movement is a movement that is designed for travelers, with manyarea, city dish, (starting) and jet lag indication day/night.

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Cartier 9909 MC calibre solely by Cartier in workshops to develop andmanufacture, is Cartier Haute Horlogerie series first with multi zonefunction of movement is a movement that is designed for travelers, with manyarea, city dish, (starting) and jet lag indication day/night.


Cartier, it widens its radiance on the one hand and moving, barely there have been major changes because of the changes of the times, on the style ofit, they should have different time, stick to basic geometric aesthetics ofboth elements, and continues to design and develop a wide range of watches,each with a different character!

Cartier launched a new filagree Panthers decorating wristwatches

Cartier recently opened arts masters workshop–RondeLouisCartierFiligranefilagree PUMA decorative watches through its vivid and exquisite design,reinterpreted old filagree feat.

Born in Switzerland laxiadefang, m é tiers d’Art Cartier recently opened theMaison des arts masters workshop–Ronde Louis Cartier Filigrane filagreePUMA decorative watches through its vivid and exquisite design,reinterpreted old filagree feat. This creative exploration with distinctiveinnovation, witness Cartier to pick up and process and technology heritagelost the sacred mission, as stated in the 2013 metal bead craft.

Old filagree art originates from ancient Egypt. Invented by the Sumerians in3000 BC, in India, Tibet, Greece and Iran flourish after this process endsup in Portugal to be the most distinguished praise. By gold or silverfiligree fine technology combines fixed and create the pattern you wanthollow grille, light like a lace transparent. Cartier, challenge lies not only in the watch in a square inch of space to create, but also through theuse of gold, Platinum and diamonds and fine jewelry materials thecraftsmanship transcends to a higher artistic level.

Maison des m é tiers d’Art craft masters, in gold or Platinum filament whenthey write, workshop specifically as special tools are used. Filamentsthrough twisting, winding, cutting a small loop, and then use contemporaryfilagree skills to make it in one, all the elements fixed on the side ratherthan at the bottom. Making a filagree watch, takes more than a month‘s time.A pair of Pumas and his wife on the face plate, black painted spots of furby a diamondencrusted gold and Platinum filament incandescent spot into onestep.

Noble and solemn, two Leopardlook combination decorated with tailor-made ofEmerald eyes. Gently under the starry night sky to look and shop diamondsinlaid table that match with the shoulder, this situation and let peopleaspires. This well-attended masterpiece has an abundance of crafts, fromjewelencrusted gold and silver used, from jewelry to watches, fromengraving to painted Thousands of skills for Cartier‘s signatureLeopardonly image. On this rare masterpiece, balanced nuances can be seeneverywhere, full of elegant and delicate.

Cartier 2015-SIHH new wristwatch preview

Never stop, this vocabulary once was Cartier with in last year Tank of image advertising Shang, however, from this year early of SIHH to second half of of Hong Kong W&W table exhibition, was stunning of new table paragraph, and new homemade movement constantly published, name table Cartier continued implement never stop of spirit, and pursuant to this several day of Cartier 2015 Pre-SIHH foreign information seems, Cartier still continues to forward breakthrough, next year still does not stopped pace. Now watch is new pre-show exposure Crash hollow hand-wound watch, Rotonde de Cartier calendar table, and the Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon wristwatch.


The Cartier Crash watch features clear, irregular, twisted case, andsurrealist master Salvador Dali clocks in which The Persistence of Memory isvery similar, even if the Crash watch was born in the late 1960 ‘s, itscasing shape in the current opinion, is also quite unique in bold. Cartierpublished in 2015 and a new Crash watch, with a new homemade hollow core9618MC, a handwound movement.


Observation 9618MC hollow splint formed of Rome digital, we inevitably Lenovo to last year published of Tank MC hollow wrist table, and does, this gold 9618MC is from Tank MC, and Santos 100 this two only hollow wrist table carrying of 9611MC deformation and to, but to tie Crash special of table shell styling, movement structure produced big deformation, rendering out of face was refreshing, Crash finally not only is table shell, even movement also faithful conveys crash of meaning culvert has.



Cartier Rotonde de Cartier calendar table is not a new thing, previouslypublished in 2012, also using 9908MC automatic winding movement is based,have can automatically determine month calendar module. Cartier to the faceplate to appear more succinct this time, calendar display changed fromoriginal analog turntable, with the dial window, indicating the month moreclear and easy to read, this year and in the size of the case return policy,new Rotonde de Cartier calendar table table diameter of 40 mm, compared with2012 models, table diameter shrinkage of 5 mm.


This model was first published, also seems to be in 2012, the eccentricmovement structure, let the displayed hours, minutes, small seconds, oneminute Tourbillonled displays, are gathered on the dial on the right side,quite interesting. This year‘s new return to simplicity, design surfaces no longer used for hollowing out Roman numerals (most recently saw this sort ofdesign is at last year‘s eccentric mysterious watch to see the designsurface), using a radioactive machine etched full face plate, simple butstill engaging.

Cartier 2015 Pre-SIHH: Celestial debut working Tourbillon hollow wrist watch

Astrotourbillon celestial Tourbillon by Cartier‘s first operation in 2010,since its inception which is to raise the watchmaking industry research.Combined with the majestic‘s dials, which today has become the Cartier HauteHorlogerie in series one of the most representative works of complexfunctions. Cartier uses plastic sculptures, in 2014, to paraphrase theAstrotourbillon bodies running the Tourbillon. It is fully exposed, and isnot connected with any other mechanical parts, thus allowing more clearlypresented to them. Its design and production to rethink the whole story andfollows the strictest law of proportion, harmony and balance. Behind thisaesthetic philosophy, highlighted in bold and innovative design movement ofthe structure, making it disappear at Cartier‘s signature Roman numeralhour markers on the dial after the XII and VI so for watchmaker set aside aroom, show Astrotourbillon objects running Tourbillon of the spectacularbeauty and make it work more.

watches cartier 2015


watches cartier 2015

watches cartier

Cartier tank watch classic

Cartier tank watches

Watch is a very attractive, almost everyone will have a watch. Watch allows us to be more attractive. On different occasions to wear a different watch, represent different meanings. My favorite is the Cartier tank watch. The elegant shape is my favorite cause.
1911 officially come out of the Tank watch was born in a celebration of speed and endurance, daring and precision, beauty and tight combination of age. Tank table architecture, design and parts not only in the year ahead of their peers, but also with the times, even today; in combination with the remainder of the avant-garde taste excellent design, but also continued to respond to new technological challenges. Cartier Tank have become classics, because its existence is not limited to only one atmosphere or age; conversely, Tank watch in the past century it has undergone continuous change career history and culture, alternating in this century, but also the thousands turn of the Jubilee, which on the one hand and moving unscathed its radiance, because almost no changing times and have had major changes; on the other hand it is also in response to a variety of different style of the times, both adhere to the basic geometric aesthetic concept elements, but also continue to develop the design and development of a wide variety, each with different personalities of the table, while While Tank à Vis Jumping Hour Collection Privée Cartier Paris (Cartier Ya Bali private collection of classic series) jump calendar watch is the leader among .

On the exterior, there are four exposed “screw” decorated While 28 × 40 mm screw tank Tank à Vis square bezel watches, hence the name. In addition, the direction of the face plate 12 is equipped with a time-hopping window (left digit increase), 6:00 Date jump direction (to the right number increases, the bottom two rows, the ten digits, down to the single digits), complete break through the traditional design, of course, is that when one of the most distinctive curved window jump, with upright figures, particularly elegant. Included in the movement, since the membership of the highest order Cartier Paris classic series (Collection Privée Cartier Paris), each watch is not only limited production, to ensure that no more than four hundred, and are equipped with the most exquisite brand mechanical movement, After the most meticulous hand-polished and decorated: each one deck movement is not only the double C logo and Geneva wave treatment; its balance wheel also Glucydur alloy material; all the panels are made of 18 K gold, not only do Cartier essence of design graphics, but centuries of traditional watchmaking full show.